June 26

Two Questions Worth Asking About New Technology

With every new technology, there are two questions worth asking yourself.

1. What does this make possible that wasn't before?

The combination of the commercial web browser and the ability to process a credit card payment over the internet made it possible to create eBay, Amazon, and just about every other business where you've paid for something with a credit card.

The combination of the iPhone and location tracking made it possible to create Uber, Lyft, Breather, and many other companies that depend on the convergence of these two technologies.

There's a radical paradigm shift that occurs every 4-6 years. With each shift, the power dynamic moves in favor of the individual creator. Individual content creators can compete with media companies. Because they don't have the same resources, they have to be more resourceful, and as a result, more innovative.

HT Julien Smith.

2. What can I make with this?

When my old mentor used to work with people, he would ask them, "do you know how use to use the internet?" On the surface, it sounds ridiculous because anybody can surf the web and compose emails. People would say yes, and he would say "great, show me something that you've made using the internet."

If you look at every paradigm shift and every piece of technology through the eyes of a creator, you'll see endless opportunities to create


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