April 26

Discover the Life-Changing Power of Now: Why Waiting is Your Worst Enemy

Are you putting your dreams on hold, waiting for the perfect moment to arrive? It's time to break free from the vicious cycle of waiting and unleash your potential!

I'm going to start when is a very tempting fantasy because we know that when you're fantasizing about a future outcome, you get a little bit of a dopamine rush from doing it. It's I'm thinking about it and I'm talking about it. So my brain thinks it's happening and that gets me just high enough that I can continue putting off the thing. -Britt Frank, The Science of Stuck

In this blog post, we'll explore how waiting until you're "ready" is a self-inflicted trap that prevents you from living your best life. Don't let the illusion of the perfect moment hold you back – let's dive into the secrets of success and find out how to seize the day!

The Fallacy of Waiting Until You're Ready


The notion of being ready is an enticing fantasy, but it's actually a powerful excuse for procrastination. While it's important to plan and gather knowledge, true learning only begins when you take that first step. Taking action opens up a world of new insights that would have remained hidden otherwise.

  • 🌟 Parenting is the perfect example. You might read every parenting book and buy all the essential baby gear, but as soon as your little one arrives, you're faced with countless unexpected challenges. Parenthood is an ongoing learning process that no book could ever fully prepare you for.
  • 🌟 My friend's journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur demonstrates the power of taking action. Despite facing setbacks like losing his job and dealing with personal responsibilities, he started his own business, which now generates over a million dollars a year. His secret? He didn't wait for the "perfect" time to take that first step.
  • 🌟 My own experience with the Maximize Your Output course and various other projects in my career has taught me that success comes from taking action, even when you don't feel ready. It's better to start before you're ready and learn from your mistakes than to wait indefinitely.

If you keep waiting for the ideal moment, you may never begin. So, ask yourself: how long have you been waiting to chase your dreams?

The Dangers of Waiting for a Mythical Future Date


Postponing your dreams for a future date that never comes is another way you trap yourself. You might think you'll finally pursue your goals when your kids go off to college or when you're debt-free. But that day may never arrive – and even if it does, you'll still face obstacles.

The truth is, exceptional people face problems like everyone else, but they don't let these issues stand in their way. As my mentor used to say, "Your problems will never be gone; what changes is your capacity to deal with them."

Maximize the Value of Your Time


According to Bill Perkins in his book Die with Zero, there's a peak utility of money – an age at which you can derive maximum fulfillment from your financial resources. The same concept applies to time. As you age, your health and energy levels decline, reducing the value of your time. The longer you wait to pursue your dreams, the less valuable that time becomes.

Stop Waiting to Be Picked – Do the Work

Many artists, creators, and entrepreneurs waste precious time waiting for someone else to validate their work – a publisher, an investor, or an editor. I spent five years waiting for a publisher to "discover" me, only to realize that taking action would increase my chances of success. When you stop waiting for validation and focus on your work, opportunities are more likely to come your way.

Uncovering the Root of Stuckness

Feeling stuck often stems from avoiding negative emotions and discomfort associated with taking risks. It's essential to understand why you feel stuck and how this paralysis might be providing a subconscious reward. By confronting these hidden benefits, you can break fre from your self-imposed limitations and start taking action.

How to Light a Fire Under Your Own Ass

The key difference between people who achieve their dreams and those who don't is the willingness to start before they're ready. Embrace the power of now and follow these steps to ignite your inner fire:

  1. Embrace willingness over readiness: Recognize that being willing to take action is more important than feeling 100% ready. Adopt a mindset of continuous learning and embrace the journey of growth and discovery.
  2. Make little bets: Start with small, manageable steps that bring you closer to your goal. These small victories will build your confidence and help you gain momentum.
  3. Focus on the process: Concentrate on the actions you can take each day to make progress, rather than fixating on the end goal. This approach will make your journey more enjoyable and lead to better outcomes.
  4. Challenge your comfort zone: Push yourself to take risks and embrace discomfort. This will help you grow and develop resilience in the face of obstacles.
  5. Seek support: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your ambitions and can provide encouragement, advice, and accountability.
  6. Celebrate your progress: Acknowledge your achievements, big or small, and use these successes as motivation to keep moving forward.

The Time to Act is Now

While it's tempting to wait for the perfect moment when everything falls into place, the only thing that changes with time is the amount of it that has passed. Life will always present challenges and reasons not to start – waiting won't change that. As Seth Godin writes in The Practice, "If a reason doesn't stop everyone, it's an excuse, not an actual roadblock."

Take a moment to reflect on this crucial question: "If not now, when?" The longer you wait, the more likely your window of opportunity will close. Embrace the power of now, ignite your inner fire, and take the first step towards realizing your dreams today.


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