April 10

On Being Human

You will disappoint people.

You'll offend them.

You'll say things you regret.

You will unintentionally hurt people.

You will let someone down.

You'll make mistakes, some of which you can't reverse.

You'll piss someone off.

You'll cut someone off.

You'll break their heart.

You'll make them cry.

Someone will disappoint you.

They'll offend you.

They'll say something they regret.

They'll unintentionally hurt you.

They'll piss you off.

They'll cut you off.

They'll break your heart.

They'll make you cry.

Our imperfections are central to our humanity.

Our flaws are markers of our authenticity.

Our gifts don't appear that way until the right person receives them.

The things we're self-conscious about when we're kids become some of our most appealing qualities as an adult. People used to make fun of my lips as a kid. Now they let doctors inject them with collagen to have what I got from genetics.

We can polish, perfect, edit, curate and perform. Everything on the internet is a performance no matter how authentic we claim to be. There are things I'll say in the company of friends that would turn into a public relations crisis if I said them on air.

But underneath the "personal brands" and pretty web sites, we're all fu#$3d up. The biggest misconception we have about everyone is that they have their shit together — no need to worry though. My friend Matt Monroe says "f3$3d up people change the world.

You might think the world of me, but eventually, I'm going let you down because I'm human.


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