January 15

Advice for Podcasters

  1. If you’re in a course, don’t follow the instructions to the letter. The greatest work of your life requires a compass, not a map.
  2.  Audio is a story-telling medium. Stories lead to what NPR calls driveway moments.
  3.  A good question elicits a story. The more specific your question, the better the story.
  4. Interviewing famous people is a lousy strategy. Famous people get interviewed all the time. Often they say the same thing over and over. Don’t underestimate the value of rising talent. This will prepare you for asking famous people questions they’ve never been asked. Some of the most interesting people I’ve interviewed are ones my audience has never heard of.
  5. Don’t plan your questions. You’re having a conversation, not conducting an interrogation. This will also force you to listen.
  6. Gaming the system is for hacks.
  7. The best tactic for getting your guest to promote your interview is to conduct a great interview. If you do this, you won’t have to email them, remind them, or beg them to share.
  8.  Focus on mastery instead of metrics and numbers will move in the right direction.
  9. Draw your line in the sand. Decide your criteria for hell yes or no.
  10. Edit your work before you outsource the editing. This will give you an opportunity to learn what you do well and how you could do better. Write down the questions you wish you would have asked. Ask them in your next interview.


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