January 8

3 Questions to Determine Your Essential Priorities

Ryder Caroll, the creator of the Bullet Journal Method, uses a simple framework to determine how he should spend his time each day.

First, start by identifying everything that you're currently working on. You might be working on a creative project, taking an online course, planning a wedding or renovating a home. Then, consider the following three questions.

1. Do the things You're Working on Matter?

There's very little that we do on any given day that genuinely matters. When we realize this, our to-do lists have fewer items on them. Our work days become shorter. And instead of mindlessly shifting our attention from one stimulus to another, we spend our time on what matters.

2. Are they Vital?

If something is vital, it's essential to your survival. It's not vital that you upload your pictures to Instagram, update your status or respond to an email the moment you receive it. But say you are doing something like writing a book. Sitting down to write is vital. It's the only thing that matters.

3. What Would Happen if You Didn't Do them?
This is the most eye-opening of the three questions. In many cases, you realize that nothing would happen if you didn't do this thing on your list. But say you're working on something that has the potential to generate revenue for your business. If you didn't do it, you would lose potential revenue.

Before you sit down each day, ask these three questions.


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