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With The Unmistakable Creative backstage pass, you'll get a weekly bonus episode, where my best friend and have an irreverent, unfiltered, wine-fueled conversation about personal and professional growth.

You'll also get a monthly AMA, and special bonus content where you can submit questions for upcoming guests. Plus, you'll be able to listen to interviews ad-free. If you're passionate about the Unmistakable Creative and want to support us, this is the perfect way to do it!

Hosted by Srini Rao: Author and host of the Unmistakable Creative Podcast

Hey, I'm Srini, host of the Unmistakable Creative where I've interviewed over 1000 people ranging from bank robbers to billionaires. If you've ever wondered what I've learned from all these people, the backstage pass is where I share my takeaways.

Srinivas Rao

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