It's Your Turn.

You waited in line, did what you were told, crossed off the check boxes of society's life plan. But there's much, much more to you than that. It's time you rediscovered what makes you Unmistakable.

"Inspiring and Thought-Provoking"

I have read all of Srini’s books and am a HUGE fan of his work.  This book specifically offers so many powerful tools for inventing a way of living and working that is counter-intuitive to the messages we receive from the outer world. These tools, when followed, will set you on a path to make your most powerful contribution to the world. – Carla R

What Listeners Say About the Unmistakable Creative

Listening to the Unmistakable Creative is like having a legion of world class mentors with all of their wisdom at their fingertips. Every single episode offers insight and lessons that will impact the way you live your life. My whole family listens to the show.
This one is right up there with This American Life and Serial. Unmistakable has guests that will blow your mind in every episode.
This podcast is fantastic. Real, true storytelling. Inspiring stories and wonderful content.
I take something valuable away from every podcast
The style is conversational. The content is awesome and it is actionable. There is no fluff only good solid content.
If you have ever wondered what the secret was, or you have been striving for goals unmet, then you have to listen to the interview with Srini Pillay published Jan 1, 2018. I have listed to it ten times. Great work!
I love this podcast. Srinivas Rao brings so many interesting and diverse people together to discover new things about creativity and how to bring it alive in the world. This podcast is inspiring and I recommend it to any creatives who want to be unmistakable!
Srinivas and his guests provide some incredible actionable and compelling content, spotlighting profound stories from some of the world's highest achievers on how they're pioneering positive change both in their own life and the lives of others. Highly recommended listening and subscribing to The Unmistakable Creative.

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