Using Your Voice, Escape from Child Soldier to Hip Hop Artist with Emmanuel Jal

Emmanuel recounts his gripping story from his time as a child soldier of Sudan’s civil war, to escape and rescue. A war child turned activist and rising hip-hop artist, hear how Emmanuel uses his voice to help those who can’t speak for themselves, how music became his painkiller, and how we can use story for survival and shaping the future.


In this episode:

  • How do you navigate suffering and violence without becoming a victim of circumstance?
  • The power of forgiveness
  • How do we heal from pain in the face of triggers?
  • How do we bring our experiences into our art and make it impactful for those who consume our art?
  • How we use stories to overcome pain and unite communities




Emmanuel Jal is an artist, musician, and activist on a mission for peace. He is also the subject of the book and award-winning documentary, “War Child”. His new album “The Key” releases this week. He is also featured in the upcoming film, “The Good Lie”.


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