The Internal Narrative of Millionaires with Jaime Tardy

At a very early age Jamie Tardy, made a decision that she wanted to be a millionaire. Paying off 70 thousand dollars, allowed her to leave a 6 figure job and start the journey to becoming an eventual millionaire. 

  • How to Jaime got herself into 70k in debt at an early age
  • Developing awareness to get yourself out of large sums of debt
  • What it took to pay off over 70 grand in debt in 16 months in debt
  • Learning to turn your money into a vehicle for your freedom 
  • The mindsets around money that hold us back and how to unpack them
  • Why you have to make the best decision with the current information 
  • Learning to separate your job from your identity 
  • The terms that we use to define ourselves 
  • Lessons learned from interviewing over 130 millionaires
  • Learning to do what actually matters to you
  • Why money ebbs and flows through your life 
  • The intangible things that are common between millionaires 
  • The role of self belief in your ability to increase your income
  • Lessons learned from the world of the SIMS
  • Why we can all do the things that have been done 
  • Treating life and money as a game to free you from limiting beliefs
  • How millionaires have evolved into who they are 
  • Why we're all just creating our own story 



Resources and People Mentioned


The Relationship Between Self Worth and Net Worth with Kate Northrup



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