The Dark Side of Ambition with Charlie Hoehn

Charlie Hoehn started his career by doing free work and landing amazing roles working with best selling authors and tech startups. He's worked as a marketing strategist and the director of special projects for Tim Ferriss. But his continual desire to become indispensable resulted in discovering the dark side of ambition. 

  • How the desire to be the best in the world burned Charile out
  • What happens to us when we start to loose our work life balance
  • The workaholic culture that Sillicon Valley breeds
  • Why envy makes us start to question the gifts that we're born with
  • Paying attention to how the work you do makes you feel 
  • The role that self awareness plays in recognizing your anxiety
  • How the thought of future success took Charlie to hitting a wall
  • Battling with the idea that you have to become permanently successful
  • Why learning to play is as important as sleep 
  • The importance of allowing yourself to have guilt free fun
  • Why the happiest points in life are rarely about achievement
  • Viewing life as a series of opportunities to just have a fun 
  • Why we need to say the world as a playground instead of people
  • Changing our social interactions through the process of play 
  • Why playing is one of the most important productivity hacks
  • Knowing when to let go of big projects and making changes
  • The reason we only show our highlight reel 
  • Learning to remove all the anchors  that are causing stress 
  • Getting rid of as many things as possible first before you add things


Resources and People Mentioned

How to Become Recession Proof (Our first interview with Charlie)

Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination and Invigorates the Soul by Stewart Brown

How I Cured My Own Anxiety

Over the past few years Charile has worked with more than a dozen best selling authors to help market (and sometimes create) their books. His most recent book, which we discussed in this interview is Play it Away: A Workaholic's Cure for Anxiety.  

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