Tapping Into the Power of Community for Profit, Potential and Happiness

For each one of us, there’s something we’re meant to be doing in this world. But if w’ere not in an environment that allows us to explore that, we’re going to be cookie cutter. We don’t need 10 of me or 10 of you, we need 1 of me and 1 of you, and 1 of everybody else around us. Collectively, that’s how we do all of the things that are amazing, and hopefully save this world and make this world a better place. Education, especially a university environment plays a role almost like a lab. There are different pathways. There are people who are very clear on what they want to do like being a teacher, doctor, or lawyer. But then there’s a huge group of people who have no idea. That’s where entrepreneurs, artists and people who are creative come in. That really allows different things to show up. And if there isn’t an environment that allows that, it’s going to be really black and white and boring.  – Christine Lai


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Christine Lai is a collaboration catalyst.  At her core, Christine loves identifying and maximizing the true potential of individuals and organizations. Fueled by her passion for uniting people and purpose, Christine blends her experience in the private and social sector to build and strengthen collaboration among impact communities

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