Searching for the Secrets of True Love With Nate Bagley

His growing feelings of cynicism and frustration with love, led Nate Bagley on a search for answers to the questions of what  what true love really is, and how to attain it. The search resulted in conversations with people who were experiencing these things on a daily basis and the start of what became known as the  “Lovumentary” 

  • How failing in relationships caused Nate to start searching for answers
  • The importance of learning to act on your insatiable curiosity
  • Why Nate’s worst-case scenario actually caused hint o be happy
  • How being average is more competitive than being extraordinary 
  • The fear of being the person who loves the most in a relationships 
  • Why not settling for average is an important quality in your life 
  • Lessons learned from the relationships that didn’t work out 
  • The lack of roles models in the world for health loving relationships
  • Why there is on no formula for true love 
  • A look at the secrets of some incredibly happy couples 
  • The willingness to put yourself second in a relationship 
  • Why you must love yourself before anybody else does
  • A incredible story about a man who was single at the age of 52
  • How to sustain the “honeymoon” phase in your relationship

Nate Bagley is a mover, shaker, decision maker and fighter. He's also the creator of The Lovumentary

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