Overcoming Clinical Depression Through Physical Fitness with Amy Clover

Amy Clover was diagnosed with clinical depression and obsessive compulsive disorder, which eventually lead to a suicide attempt in her early 20’s. Through the power of fitness and exercise, she began her own recovery and became strong from the inside out.

  • What resulted in Amy’s suicide attempt in her 20’s
  • The choices we have, that we can all take advantage of
  • Why fitness as an outlet helped Amy overcome her challenges
  • The tendency to bury some of our most important problems
  • Taking a first step in sharing your challenges and problems
  • How self medication can lead to covering some things up
  • The wakeup call that came from being hospitalized
  • Why the determination to keep standing up helped Amy recover
  • Navigating the roller coaster ride of trials and failures
  • Why we must embrace struggle to grow stronger
  • Learning to find reasons to make a change in your life
  • The role that fitness plays in your ability to overcome depression
  • Translating the intention of your workout to your life outside at the gym
  • How the mission of Strong Inside Out has evolved over the last few years

Amy Clover has dedicated herself to providing others with to start implementing change within themselves, and to discover happiness and confidence. Through captivating blog posts, a successful coaching practice, and mind-body oriented workshops, books, and videos, Amy facilitates the unveiling of a vivacious, thriving community. The Strong Inside Out Tour exists to empower people out of struggle through fitness, but Amy can't do this without our help. Please be a part of this movement with us, and support the Tour by sharing and donating here.

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