Overcoming an Addiction to Money and Success with Sam Polk

Sam Polk’s childhood ambitions of becoming rich led him to a career on Wall Street in which eventually he discovered that he had become addicted to money and success  In this episode we discuss overcoming that addiction an  the similarities that success and addiction have in common. 

  • The influence that Sam’s dad had on his view of the world
  • A period of loneliness and depression in college
  • The challenges of pretending to be what we’re not
  • The disconnect between who we are and who we want to be
  • A series of inauthentic reinventions that failed 
  • A relationship that made Sam choose a different path
  • What happens when we see the world as a dark scary place
  • Losing the belief that we’re inherently valuable 
  • The exploration of core beliefs about your life 
  • Why living your life from a complete deficit doesn’t lead to true success
  • A look at the meaning that we give to  having money in our lives
  • The similarities between the pursuit of success and addiction 
  • Dealing with two conflicting views of the world
  • The challenge of choosing between two paths
  • Choosing the path on which you can’t see the end 
  • The motivation for creating the Groceryships non-profit 
  • Why we can all create things that don’t exist 

Sam Polk is a former hedge-fund trader and the founder of the nonprofit Groceryships.

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