Navigating the Challenges of a Nomadic Marriage with Betsy and Warren Talbot

A moment that shook them to the core caused Betsy and Warren Talbot to reevalute what was truly important in their marriage and their lives. They got rid of their belongings and decided to travel the world together. But the dream hasn't comes without unexpected challenges and hurdles. 

  • Being shaken to the core in order to make changes in your life
  • Embracing the life you want to have vs the one you created
  • A moment in marriage when a deep connection occurs
  • Why you must work every single day towards a dream
  • The difference between a dream and a fantasy
  • Distinguishing what we want from what we think we want
  • Why you can’t be afraid to admit that you hate your dream
  • The harsh realities of navigating a nomadic marriage
  • Running away from a life vs running towards a new one
  • Learning to trying the things that bring more joy to your life
  • The importance of not being too specific with your plans
  • Why you never want to bridge the gap between you and a dream
  • The dangers of focusing on the outside of a relationship instead of the inside
  • The moulding moment of Betsy and Warren’s marriage
  • Bringing trust back into a marriage when it’s lost  
  • The uncomfortable conversations that take place when saving a relationship
  • Navigating difficult circumstances of your life in the moment
  • Running a business as a married couple 

Betsy and Warren Talbot are a recovering, 40-something, Type-A couple who learned that living large is not necessarily living well

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