Navigating Our Internal Journeys of Loss and Adversity with Tim Lawrence

Tim Lawrence, creator of The Adversity Within shares how we navigate the internal journeys of loss, adversity, and how we grow by putting ourselves in challenging environments. 


  • How adversity creates ferocious internal resolve
  • Putting yourself in intentionally constraining environments
  • Why we don’t have to believe something inherently good about
  • The difference between approval and acceptance 
  • Building foundations of empathy and compassion 
  • What causes us to confuse responsibility and blame
  • Focusing on what we control vs what we don’t
  • The masks we wear to hide our challenges
  • Finding our way back into the light through service 


It takes balls to actually stand in your pain

It’s really hard to find meaning if you haven’t fully acknowledge what you’ve gone through 

Acceptance is simply acknowledging reality for what is

I think hiding is responsible for unimaginable amounts of suffering in the world

I’ve learned to find strength in my weaknesses and love in my vulnerability


Through his  words, Tim Lawrence helps people navigate life’s difficulties – grief, injury, depression, or loss – and learn to forge strength in the fire.

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