Mindfulness as the Path to Change with Toku

From a touring rock band roadie to life in a monastery, Gentoku dives into acceptance, connecting to our deeper selves, and using every day activities as a “container for our practice”.

In this episode:

  • How checkboxes and filling other’s obligations takes us away from learning
  • Creating awareness and space in every day life
  • Waking up to find external accolades and possessions are no longer satisfying
  • How do we take an experience that causes us pain and hold it lightly?
  • The goal of meditation
  •  How to create space for silence and contemplation amidst our busy lives




“People who are ideal aren’t as interesting as people who are imperfect.” – Gentoku

“That reality you have to change your life because that’s what your heart is calling you to do is really scary to some people.” – Gentoku

Mindfulness as the Path to Change with Toku 1

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