Learning to See Yourself as An Artist with Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon didn’t start drawing or painting until she was 30. In this episode of the podcast Lisa talks about her journey from doing education reform work in the non-profit world to making a full time living as an artist.


  • A painting class that was the catalyst for a career change

  • Infusing a spirit of generosity into the world of art

  • The starving artist narrative that perpetuates our culture 

  • Dealing with fear of claiming your identity as an artist

  • Identifying the special, important and transformative moments of your life 

  • The process of self discovery to uncover latent skills

  • How we get comfortable with putting our work in front of an audience 

  • Navigation the emotional journey of a creative career

  • Leaning into the discomfort and messiness of your life and work 


Art Inc

The Expression of Your Soul’s Calling

Lisa Congdon is a fine-artist, illustrator and the Author of Art Inc:  The Essential Guide to Building Your Career as an Artist. You can follow her on twitter @lisacongdon.

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