Getting to the Heart of What You Want to Say with Jamie Varon

Jamie Varon, writer and designer joins us to discuss design and writing in a way that gets to the heart f what you want to say. 


  • Thinking along the lines of what a professional would do
  •  The role of self-motivation in our work 
  • The power of teaching yourself
  • Overcoming the desire to just be comfortable    
  • Recognizing the disconnect between where you are and where you want to be
  • How our imprints motivate or demotivate 
  • The variables that create the spectrum of human performance 
  • How extremely high expectations can actually hold us back 
  • The advantage of naivety and not considering the outcome
  • How pre-judgements and uncertainty get in our way
  • The echo-chamber of life advice on the internet 
  • The danger of getting swallowed in approval 
  • Why your great work won’t come from following someone else’s rules


I don’t like the feeling that I can’t change where I’m at. 

Either your outrunning something or trying to keep up with something.  

Our culture is very programmed to avoid uncertainty. 

If you’re convicted from a really true place, you can’t get let fear get you. 

It’s a very vulnerable thing to live life on your own terms. 

Write the things you want to read. Not what you think people want to read. 

Books, Resources, and Articles Mentioned

Jamie Varon is a writer and designer. He work has been featured  Huffington PostComplex/NTRSCTNMedium,Thought CatalogTeen VogueThe Liberty Project, and SF Weekly. You can follow her on twitter @jamievaron. 

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