Finding Your Zone of Genius and Exceeding Your Personal Limitations with Gay Hendricks

What’s really important here? How am I using my gifts? What is my genius and how can I bring it forth to bare on my family and my culture and my business? Those genius questions are things that we need to cultivate in ourselves almost as a matter of discipline. It may sound odd to think of disincline as taking some time each day to tune into what you’re really all about. But in a way it’s just as valuable as going to the gym for an hour. Many people have the discipline to go to the gym for a while, but I’ve had it be so much harder for busy business executives, particularly to gift themselves with that 10 minutes of deep reflection. That’s all I ask people to start with is 10 minutes. I ask them to sit there with me for 10 minutes and simply tune into their breathing. Everything else, we put aside and create 10 minutes to focus on breathing. Then we might contemplate one question like “what is that I most love about what I do in my work?”  – Gay Hendricks


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Gay Hendricks is a psychologist, writer, and practitioner in the field of personal growth, relationships, and body intelligence

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