Finding the Meaning in Our Losses with Cole Hatter

In this episode of the podcast, Cole Hatter joins us to share life lessons from his time as a firefighter, and the loss of two friends in a tragic accident. 


  • Doing meaningful work that is profitable
  • The power of systems in your business
  • How death equalizes all of us as humans
  • Wrestling the loss of identity and managing your psychology
  • Doing something meaningful with the experiences of our losses
  • Shifting post traumatic stress to post-traumatic growth 
  • Creating a sense of urgency in your life 
  • How confronting mortality impacts faith. 

Cole Hatter began his career as a firefighter, a dream that was cut short by 2 unfortunate accidents. Out of desperation  and uncertain future he pursued entrepreneurship, and has gone on to start several multimillion dollar businesses. . 

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