Extreme Lifestyle Experiments and Systematized Disruption With Colin Wright

Colin Wright walked away from a bountiful financial opportunity to conduct extreme lifestyle experiments, like letting the readers of his blog vote on which country he should spend the next four months of his life in. This eventually resulted in the writing multiple books, and the development of an independent publishing company, Asymmetrical Press.

  • Finding the balance between professional and personal fulfillment
  • Why the meaning we find in money is starting to change
  • The tendency to default to traditions, simply because they are traditions
  • A look at what it means to live intentionally, in spite of our circumstances
  • Why you don’t need to live a crazy adventure to have a good life
  • Our tendency to demonize life in the cubicle
  • Why there is no downside to the hand you’ve been dealt
  • Implementing systemized self disruption into your life
  • What causes post traumatic growth versus post traumatic stress
  • Learning to navigate the constantly undulating wave of good and bad
  • A look at the pivotal moment in Colin’s life that would have led to significant wealth
  • The problem with living and measuring your life by one metric
  • Knowing where you fall on the spectrum of risk and reward
  • Lessons learned from Colin’s travels to various countries
  • What eventually led Colin to create a publishing company
  • The role that quality and talent will play in media and publishing

Colin Wright is an author, blogger, entrepreneur, and traveler. He periodically teaches classes online, gives talks, and runs workshops, all while travelling full time and publishing books with Asymmetrical Press.


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