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“Fascination is your brain’s most intense state of focus. When you’re fascinated it’s a feeling of complete immersion. Some people call that flow. You can call that being in the zone. When an athlete is completely focused and fascinated, think of Michael Jordan Flying towards the hoop. You’re at your most accurate. You’re at your most creative. You have your greatest opportunity to have a breakthrough.  When I talked to neuroradiologists about what the brain looks like in a state of fascination, it looks like it’s falling in love.

  • It’s firing on all cylinders.

  • Everything is going smoothly.

  • It’s completely engrossed, mesmerized and in the moment

That’s why when you feel fascinated by a person or even by a TV show or a book, you’re so in the flow that times goes by. You connect fully with the object of your fascination.” – Sally Hogshead



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Over the course of her ad career, Sally Hogshead has won hundreds of awards for creativity, copywriting and branding, and was one of the most awarded advertising copywriters right from start of career.  She is the creator of the Fascination Advantage assessment: the world’s first personality assessment that measures what makes someone fascinating. Unlike the Myers-Briggs type indicator or the StrengthsFinder™ test, this assessment is not about how you see the world–it’s how the world sees you.

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