Courtney Carver: How to be More with Less

Your physical surroundings impact you in ways you might not even realize. They did for me. My clutter, my closet, all of that stuff was just this constant reminder of my debt and discontent. When it was gone, the guilt went with it. The frustration or sadness, and all the emotion I had wrapped up in my stuff, that went out the door with my stuff. It just was this felt like an almost immediate solution. Then we were crazy about it and decluttering to the point where we had empty rooms in our house. And finally we had too much house and sold the house and downsized into an apartment less than half the size of our house. And now we’re just vigilant about the stuff that we bring in because we know how destructive it can be.  – Courtney Carver


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Courtney Carver is the creator of the web site Be More With Less  and Project 333

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