Consciously Choosing the Reality That We Create With Dave Vanderveen

In this episode of the podcast, Dave Vanderveen, founder of the energy drink company XS talks all about what it means to consciously choose the reality that we create. It’s an eye opening looking into a building a foundation for becoming your best self and uncovering the progression of truth over the course of your life.  


  • Choosing the universe that you decide to consciously live in
  • Learning to take your work seriously, but not personally
  • How little daily decisions determine where you’l go in life 
  • Lessons learned from getting kicked out of college 
  • Why learn more from failure than we do from success
  • Doing things that push you over the edge of what’s possible
  • The importance of making small changes every single day
  • Why we make emotional decisions and rationalize them
  • Building a foundation to become your best self 
  • The importance of your ability to adapt to the environment around you
  • Running your life on values instead of grand strategies 
  • Identifying one true thing every single day 
  • The key to personal and business turnarounds
  • Uncovering the progression of truth over the course of your life


Today’s episode of the podcast is sponsored by Audvisor. If you’re short on time and starved for wisdom, be sure to check out the Audvisor app. 


“Having a job is fine. But having just one job is a waste of time. “

Dave Vanderveen is a co-owner/founder of the energy drink company, XS. 

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