The Fearless Writer's Workshop
(Learn to Write Fearlessly and Say What You Need to Say)
January 7th- February 11th, 2019

Why the Writer's Workshop?

You have something original and unique to share. No one else has lived your experiences or has had your upbringing. And you want to share your message with the world.

But writing can be tough. Fear brings unnecessary pressure and expectations for how the finished product should be.

“What if it flops and no one reads it?”

“Who are you to even write about this?”

“What if some angry internet troll writes a hit piece on you, calling you a fraud?”

“What If you actually are a fraud and are exposed as not being a “real” writer?”

Imagine all of this and more echoing in your head- all before you’ve even finished writing anything!

I can tell you how to become an author and get publishers. I can teach you how to organize your thoughts and structure it into a book. But none of that matters if you write while hostage to your fears. In the Writer’s Workshop, I’ll help you let go of this baggage so that even if you do feel fear, you’ll be able to boldly and clearly say what you need to say.

Your Workshop Mentor

Srinivas Rao

Author of “Unmistakable, Why Only Is Better Than Best” (2016) and An Audience Of One (August 2018) Host of the Unmistakable Creative Podcast

In 2013 I self-published The Art of Being Unmistakable, which caught the attention of media pundit Glenn Beck, became a WSJ Best-seller subsequently led to a 2-book deal with Penguin Portfolio.  

I’m one of the top 100 writers on Medium and through it and the podcast, I’ve built a substantial network of influencers that includes New York Times best-selling authors, successful entrepreneurs, top literary agents, and editors.

What highlight reel paragraphs like the one above don’t tell you is that when I began writing in 2009, I was terrified. I would have started writing years earlier if I had the guts to do so.

Because when I did start, you know what I learned? I already knew how to write- and so do you.

Yea. The writing wasn’t the hard part- it was writing despite my fear and criticisms.

You already know how to write- don’t even try to deny it.

You tweet and text and email every day without a second thought.

“But this is different, this is important!” you think.

No, it isn’t. That’s the fear talking- exactly the kind of inner dialogue that stifles your unique voice.

Everybody has a story to tell, but if they’re ruled by fear, that story may never emerge. That's where I'd like to help you

The Writers Workshop:
Because you won't do your best writing while paralyzed by fear.

This is for the person who knows they should be writing and sharing their work but:

  • is afraid of being criticized by random idiots online
  • constantly worries about what other people might think
  • chases perfection to the point where nothing ever gets shared (or even gets deleted)
  • never shares their real stories, thoughts, and emotions due to their fears
  • deals with critical internal negative dialogue like “who are you to write about this?, Nobody wants to read about this, you’re not a real writer, etc, etc ”

A 6-week, exclusive (30 spots)
online writing workshop

Week 1

What do you feel compelled to share with the world through your writing? It’s ok if you don’t know- I’d be surprised if you did. One of the biggest misconceptions people have about a writer’s finished work is they sit down and bang out a polished piece in one session. But if you look at the journals and first drafts of any writer, what you’ll see is false starts, cliches, fragments of thoughts, and incoherent ramblings. In the moment, all of that stuff feels like bad writing but really, writing that stuff down is an essential part of the process. Freewriting is what gets you from confusion to clarity. In week 1, we learn to write without judgment.

Week 2

You’ll learn how to get out of your own way. Fear of criticism and the desire for validation cause writers to hold back, play it safe, and water down their work. But learn to let go of those fears and desires, and your writing will immediately become more emotionally resonant. You’ll also learn to tell the difference between constructive feedback and the critics worth ignoring.

Week 3

Art of the edit: The biggest obstacle to becoming prolific in your writing, is attempting to edit and write at the same time. In week 1, you learned to freewrite, which gives you high-quality raw material. Week 3 is about refining the raw material you’ve created and shaping into a finished piece that you’re proud of sharing with the world

Week 4

If people wrote the way they spoke, their writing voices would be a 1000 times more compelling and authentic- but they don't. As soon as people write with the intention of publishing, they start performing. They use words that they wouldn't ever say in conversation and censor themselves imagining the criticisms of random faceless trolls online. This results in stilted writing, with words that just don't flow like they could. In this week, I'll show you how to write so your voice rings true to who you are.

Week 5

Want to be a top blogger? An author? A crack content marketer? The key to success with writing is the quality of the plan you’re following, and the system you’re using to execute it. Week 4 is all about creating a writing, editing, and publishing schedule that aligns with your end goal.

Week 6

​By this point of the workshop, you have developed a writing habit. Your writing process is refined and you have a system to publish regularly. This final session is all about feedback and critiques on your work, and finishing touches for your first article, which you'll be publishing on Medium.

What's Included

  • 1
    6 live workshops (1 per week)
  • 2
    All theory will be shared with you ahead of time. This way, workshops are completely focused on you and your work.
  • 3
    Recordings of each group call
  • 4
    Weekly writing prompts. Short, actionable, and easy to finish, even if you’re busy.
  • 5
     Live edits and teardowns: we’ll go through your writing together and fellow workshop participants will give feedback on your work. You’ll learn how a mess of thoughts eventually becomes a masterpiece.
  • 6

    Access to Finish What You Start, my time management and productivity course for busy people.

By the time you Finish ,
This Workshop You Will Have: 

  • An evidence-based approach to understanding and transcending your fears
  • A much stronger ability to direct and focus your writing
  • An easy to follow and customizable system of editing, producing and publishing your writing
  • The ability to tell the difference between good feedback- and criticism worth ignoring
  • My critical feedback on your writing
  • The tools to create a sustainable writing habit
  • The confidence to write and share your writing with the world
  • A polished article published on

​ I joined the workshop because while I journal daily and write monthly for my business - I have felt compelled to write more and share more with a true, authentic voice.


I loved hearing that many of the things I struggle with are things published authors struggle with too.  This really took away a lot of the pressure I put on myself to perform. I particularly loved the live editing of our own work. That really ​challenged me to put my work out there for feedback- this was huge for me.


If you need a kick start to get out of your own way and get writing, and you want to learn from someone out there doing it in a raw and real way...take the workshop!

​Carla Reeves

​Coach at

Let’s do this. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned over the last 10 years with you. Last session, the workshop sold out in under a week, so ​don't wait too long to register. (Be sure to read the refund policy below). 

​Sold Out​​​​


Refund Policy

​I’m happy to honor a full refund until 10 days before instruction begins. If you have any questions please contact me at

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