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What’s You Metric?

How do you measure intelligence or success?

In school, we used grades and test scores. In life, it's money and status. We optimize for our primary metrics. Students focus on grades. Adults focus on earning more and rising in the ranks of their field.

We use "standardized" tests to measure intelligence. But humans aren't standardized. They're customized with quirks, deficiencies, strengths, and weaknesses.

Nike wouldn't think its athletes can't play basketball if they gave everyone the same size shoes. They're not in the one-size fits all business.

If we changed the way we measure, we used a different metric, we'd also change the definition of success. Idiots might become geniuses. Lazy corporate misfits become prolific creators. Change what you measure, and you change both behavior and performance.

So what's your metric? How's it working? If it isn't working well, maybe it's time for a new metric.

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