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  • New age inspirational bullshit that sounds good in self-help books, motivational seminars, and TED talks, but doesn't actually work
  • Scammers, hype artists, and internet marketers who who make false promises that cause you to flush your hard earned cash down the toilet
  • Spiritual teachers who say the are "conscious" but seem like they're out of touch with reality or smoking crack
  • One-size fits all life and business advice that never works for you
  • Yet another online course or program only to find yourself searching the internet for another magic pill
  • Starting yet another creative project that gets stashed in your drawer of dreams that never come true


Welcome to the Unmistakable Creative. A corner of the internet for creatives, misfits, instigators, rebels, and people who don't feel like they belong anywhere else. Maybe you

  • Have crazy hobbies like juggling chainsaws
  • Make crazy art like tying balloons to police cars
  • Create art installations from items in the frozen food section at the supermarket
  • Play with Legos even though you're supposed to be an adult
  • Love coloring books, crayons, water colors, and stuff that you were supposed to be done with in Kindergarten
  • Suffer from a pathological inability to accept the status quo

You might just be an Unmistakable Creative.