Unmistakable Creativity And Innovation Training

The Unmistakable Innovation and Creativity Workshop

The Unmistakable Creativity and Innovation workshop is designed to help organizations and teams reduce sources of distraction and improve attention management while increasing productivity and creative output.  By combining proven research from behavioral and neuroscience, your team will be equipped with the habits and systems that enable them to increase their productivity by expressing their creativity.  This is a full day in-person training.

Unmistakable University

 We work with your organization to build an in-depth training program based on your goals, in which we curate the best experts in their fields and custom a design a curriculum for your team based on the Unmistakable Creative Podcast. 

Our content doesn’t just change people’s mindset.  It changes their behavior.

We believe that the most informative and engaging way for people to learn is by listening to stories. People are hardwired to listen to stories, which inevitably result in what NPR refers to as “driveway moments,” ones in which people become so absorbed in what they hear that they will sit in their car on their driveway until the story ends.

While school taught us to listen to lectures, and memorize information so we could regurgitate it on tests, the modern workplace requires a different approach to solving problems. It requires the ability to think critically, analyze information, and build innovative products and services.  Interested in transforming our content into a custom curriculum for your organization?