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Al Pitampalli’s frustration with endless meetings and other things that don’t seem to have a purpose led to what he calls a meetings revolution. In this episode we discuss his experience as one of Seth Godin’s first alternative MBA students, publishing a book with the domino project and why we must learn to become persuadable…that’s right not persuasive, but persuadable, and how this enables us to spread ideas. 

  • The importance of continually asking why
  • Learning to explore our hidden assumptions 
  • The power of thinking backwards 
  • Why certain ideas are inherently spreadable
  • The meetings epidemic in organizational culture
  • Advantages of becoming more persuadable 
  • Dissecting and understanding our models of the world


When you want to change the world, the most dangerous thing can do is being unpersuadable 


Al Pittampalli is founder of The Modern Meeting Company, a group that helps organizations transform meetings, make decisions, and coordinate complex teams

Originally aired over 2 years ago.

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