It’s great to be ambitious, to have lofty, big, hairy, audacious goals.  But too often when it comes to creative ambition one of the downfalls I see in people is a lack of patience. They want the world and they wanted it yesterday.

I started writing on the internet in 2009. And I got my offer to write a book with a publisher in 2015. It took a total of 6 years, and more than 1 million words. I wanted it happen sooner. I wanted it in the first 2 years. 

Looking back I’m really glad it didn’t happen then. I hadn’t lived enough or created enough.I needed the time to evolve, grow, develop scars, wounds and a whole series of the other things that shaped and moulded my story into what it was capable of being. I needed all of it write that book that I wanted to truly write deep down inside. 

When people are impatient they produce shoddy work. They do less than what they’re capable of. And by attempting to go too fast, they paradoxically slow down what’s possible in their careers.