Srini Rao Hallmark Keynote

The Art of Being Unmistakable

Make your Work So Distinctive that Your Competition Becomes Irrelevant

Keynote Concepts

Why best Practices get in the way of innovation and creativity, making it difficult to stand out in a sea of noise

How to borrow ideas from other industries and art forms to make your work so compelling and distinctive your competition becomes irrelevant.

Developing the mindset that allows you to overcome, fear, internal resistance, and take creative risks.

Other topics including productivity, Creative Habits, and Designing environments that fuel creativity for organizations and individuals.  

Srinivas Rao takes the stage with a symphony of creativity, humor, vulnerability & inspiration to provide a presentation that will not only be entertaining & informative, but will also have your attendees walking away saying "me too"
Jared Easley
Co-Founder, Podcast Movement
Srini keynoted our conference for the International Live Events Association - a group of incredibly creative minds. He came right in and managed to blow people away. He and his talk were lots of things. Bold. Insightful. Challenging. Provocative. Entertaining. Relevant. Creative. Unmistakable. People have been putting him at the top of the list of "presenter of the conference," and it was easy to see why.  From the committee member who recommended he come speak to our group: "Best idea yet." There is zero arguing, she is right about that!
Kevin White
Live Education Chair, International Live Events Association

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