Build a Second Brain in Mem

Learn How to Create a Knowledge Management system that Organizes Itself

Do you have a hard time keeping track of all the information that comes your way - from ideas to research to drafts and projects? Plus, do you feel like you're constantly juggling too many things at once? This webinar is for you.

Reduce Information Overload

Learn how to take control of your information, reduce the time you spend searching for answers, and boost your creativity. We'll also walk through a simple system for capturing new ideas before you forget them.

Retrieve Anything Without Having to Remember Where You Saved it

Instantly know where to find anything you need, whether it's an e-mail or a document.retrieve information without having to remember where you saved it; no more creating folders and feeling like your lost file is buried somewhere inside of them!

Create at the Speed of Thought

With a few simple steps, you can take all of your valuable information from books podcasts lectures or meetings and turn them into notes that are easily digestible. You'll be able to create new material at the speed of thought!

Your Host: Srini Rao 

I'm Srinivas Rao (aka "Srini), host of the Unmistakable Creative Podcast, author of 4 books, and creator of the Maximize Your Output with Mem Youtube Channel. For the past 10 years, I've published a weekly newsletter, 2 podcast episodes, and read over 1000 books. Needless to say I have process and synthesize a lot of information. And Mem is by far the best tool I've ever found to do that.

One App with Everything At Your Fingertips

Learn how build a personal knowledge management system where everything you need to manage projects, tasks, and even your personal life is at your fingertips.