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Same Advice. Different Context

The context in which you get any information or advice will determine how you act on it. If you're young, your parents might give you some advice. You may think it's nonsense. But when a friend gives you the same advice, it suddenly becomes brilliant.

On my most recent birthday, I had an energy healing session. After the session, my healer Luisa sent me a text about the importance of developing a meditation habit. The context was self-love.

A few weeks later, I attended Steven Kotler's Zero to Dangerous seminar in Miami. Flow is the gateway to peak performance and superhuman achievement. Steven wrote 200 pages of a Pulitzer-Nominated book in 2 weeks while in flow. One of his secrets for consistent flow states was 20 minutes of meditation.

I've been meditating for 20 minutes every day this week. Same advice. Different context. Change the context, and it might be much easier to change your behavior.

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