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Esmé shares her courageous journey of writing her way through struggles bipolar, Cotard's Delusion, and a medication-resistant form of schizophrenia, and how we can shift our own narratives of brokenness through our own creative expressions.

Episode highlights:

  • How do we develop a sense of self without achievement?
  • How looking at others differently helps us heal ourselves.
  • Reading and playing with others voices to develop your own.
  • Writing our way through our own stories to create a different ending.


- Esme's Web Site 

- HardwiringHappiness by Rick Hanson

"What if you take that narrative [of brokenness] that you've been using for a really long time and then you do a new one? And what happens when you start to wear that groove into your brain...and into your life?" - Esmé Wang


Originally aired about 3 years ago.

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