Interviews on Decisions and Risk

Annie Duke is an author and professional poker player. She joins us for this episode of the podcast to share her wisdom on making good decisions. We typically assume that decision making is something we will only get better at through trial, error, and often just pure luck. Annie shares a plethora of tips and strategies that we can implement and practice in our lives by simply thinking in bets. What she has to share holds the potential to greatly improve our understanding and ability to navigate decision making in a constructive and healthy way. The good decisions start now, take a listen.

Michelle FLorendo

In this episode, coach, speaker and decision analyst, Michelle Florendo, unfolds the science and emotions that we as humans typically encounter when making decisions. Michelle takes us through an empowering wisdom-filled episode on how to use tough decisions as opportunities to better our lives while avoiding the often anxiety-inducing habits of decision making. You can be certain that this and many more truly profound lessons can be learned from what Michelle has to share today.

Alec Torelli is a professional poker player, keynote speaker and entrepreneur. He has won millions playing poker tournaments live and online and has been featured on ESPN, CBS Sports and many more. Alec is also passionate about coaching others on how to play poker like a professional. He has some extremely valuable insights to share with us on how to develop a tolerance for risk and turn high-risk situations in your favor.

Alberto Savoia says that 80% of engineers and product managers are working on products right now that when launched will fail. This is not due to poor execution or lack of hard work. They’re building the wrong products. When you build the wrong product, no amount of marketing or engineering will make it succeed. Alberto has developed a set of tools and techniques for you to make sure you’re building the right ‘it’ before you build it right, so that your idea is destined to succeed before you even begin.

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