Interviews on Productivity

The world today is becoming dangerously digital. With the booming of social media and digital application growing in depth and complexity, keeping a healthy mindset can turn into a cluttered and stressful experience. Cal Newport, a computer science professor from Georgetown University, has some brilliant advice on how and why the philosophy of Digital Minimalism is the key to living a focused life in an increasingly noisy world.

The world we live in now is full of distractions, but not all of them are as disruptive as you might think. Chris Bailey is a productivity expert, and he’s mastered the art of being more efficient and productive despite the ever-growing list of distractions we face daily. He discusses how to find your most productive self, discovering success, and much more.

How is it that some of the greatest minds in history seem to have otherworldly focus and can get into a rhythm unlike others? Steven Kotler knows why, and it has to do with “flow.” There are 20 triggers that can help drive attention into the “right here, right now” and help lead you into that flow. And all of those triggers are far more obvious than you might imagine. Hear Steven’s story and how focus can lead to flow!

Jim Kwik is an expert on brain improvement, speed reading and memory retention. When Jim was in kindergarten, he suffered a head injury that put him in hospital and affected his memory and attention span. A teacher once called him ‘the boy with the broken brain’. Today, Jim is a world leader in learning and has recently written a new book, Limitless, which we dive into in this episode. Join us to become limitless and unlock your exceptional life.

How does attention work? Adam Gazzaley has devoted his career to figuring out the science behind how we develop attention and how to optimize it. He knows what we need to do in order to have peak attention, how to make our minds work more efficiently, and why education has failed us in giving us the tools to optimize our attention.

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