Interviews on Creativity

Chase Jarvis is a photographer, director, artist and creative entrepreneur. Chase has a strong belief that everyone is creative by nature, that creativity is the source of all problem solving and the beginning of a successful life. All of us are born with an innate desire to create, but for many of us, that desire has been belittled throughout our lives. Join us for this episode to rekindle that desire and claim the birthright of your creativity.

Ellen Winner is a psychologist and professor at Boston college specializing in art psychology. This episode takes us into the depths of the psychology of art as Ellen uncovers the inner workings of our creative minds. Take a listen as we talk about music, paintings, skill, virtuosity and more.

Amber Rae came into the world with a lot of wonder. But that shifted into worry, which was influenced by the need for validation and approval from certain peers. After building a life and career that looked successful on paper, she decided to follow her curiosity, choose herself, and choose wonder.

Elle Luna was rejected from every law school she applied to. After that, she stood at a crossroads between what she felt “should” do and what she “must” do. But thanks to a recurring dream that led to a life-changing painting, she was able to find her calling. Take a listen to her story of overcoming adversity, trusting in her community, and how following her “must” changed her life!

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