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Resisting the Trend Temptation

Anything that's trendy is tempting. Somebody becomes successful from an industry and others follow. Podcasting is a perfect example. Up until the freakish success of Serial, it was a form of media that appealed only to the early adopters.

What followed were online courses and pundits proclaiming things like "everybody should start a podcast." So one after another, they have. But the same thing happened in blogs in 2009. Everybody and their mother hung up their shingle to be a "social media consultant" Many of the bloggers who started in 2009 are no longer around.

The internet is littered with the digital graveyards of trend-chasers. You can't chase trends if you want to create what Ryan Holiday would call a Perennial Seller. You can't build a business or creative project that stands the test of time by chasing something that's relevant for a moment in time.

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