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Attention Mastery

Attention Mastery is the antidote for those of you feeling overwhelmed, perpetually distracted and struggling to manage your time and focus on what's important. Take back control and carve it out with our online course designed to eliminate sources of distraction, design an environment that leads to focus, gives you more clarity so you can identify high priority activities and do deep work whatever makes sense given your priorities. This isn't just a helpful skill - this is mastery!

Maximize Your Output

10 Reasons You Should do a 100-Day Project

Maximize your output is our personal knowledge management course for creatives and knowledge workers who want to remember what they learn, retrieve knowledge with ease, manage projects and tasks, and maximize their output. Maximize your Output utilizes key concepts from the extensive research on expert performance in order to guide you along on how to organize all of the information that you read or see into clustered chunks. This method of organization allows people of any level intelligence (even unconscious intelligence!) an easy way of remembering complex facts by organizing them in ways that make sense.