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Imagine if instead of being on a perpetual treadmill of information consumption you could:

Create systems that can help you squeeze more juice from books you read
Discuss big ideas with like-minded people, dive deep and get insights on work/life
Learn tactics and habits to improve the quality of your attention and the quantity of your creative output
Access a friendly enviroment of creators learninG together, answering questions, and supporting you

“A week’s worth of the New York Times contains more information than the average seventeenth-century citizen encountered in a lifetime.” Peter Diamandis

We are lucky to live in an age with an unprecedented access to information. We can find answers to anything we want in a matter of seconds:

The title of a movie
The best sushi restaurant in a neighborhood
The fastest route to work

We can learn new skills, read, watch, and listen to anything we want. We can showcase our work to thousands of people with just a few clicks.

But these benefits also come with serious challenges. Information has become so ubiquitous that it has lost its value. We consume a lot of it only to end up hungry for more. We are always on a lookout for the next shiny thing, the next solution, and the next big idea. Eventually, we end up overwhelmed, frustrated, and we hardly remember what we've consumed.

Deep down, we know that information is only a means to an end. The key to success in any field is the ability to integrate, contextualize, and act on the information you consume. That's how the information evolves into skill, knowledge, and wisdom.

However, doing so requires habits, systems, and a supportive environment. When we don’t have those elements, we turn to what's easiest: more information.

Unmistakable Creative Prime 

If you are reading this, you are probably creative and ambitious. You  have a bajillion ideas and a ton of information on your mind (and you add more every day). What may be missing is a way to channel those ideas and information into something useful and creative, as well as the support on your creative endeavors and most important goals.

If that idea makes you feel expansive, keep reading.

Daniel Gutierrez


What makes this group amazing is the diversity of its members.

The high level of participation is amazing.

Krista Willmorth


What I've found in the listener tribe is a group of people from around the world who have self selected to come together to make their creative ideas happen.

I find something valuable or worth trying in nearly every episode, but having hundreds of episodes to choose from makes for a lot of information to digest. Fortunately now there's listener tribe. It's hosted on mighty networks  which does a good job of encouraging people to gather and communicate without the distraction that comes with other social networks.

Roshan Daryani


I joined the Unmistakable tribe because I thought it would be a chance to meet other listeners. It's definitely been that, but it's also been a lot more.

People share their stories and their amazing work in the tribe, which is a real source of inspiration to me. It just helps to remind me of all that's possible when you persist with a creative habit, whether or not you're famous.

What one of members says about SOMe of the PERKS of THE PRIME

Lynne Favreau


ThIS is what Unmistakable Creative Prime is all about

In the summer of 2019, we started The Unmistakable Creative Listeners Tribe. And we have been blown away by the number of amazing creative people who joined our community. We have experimented with multiple monthly themes, Q&As, live events, co-working sessions, and decided to create an exclusive tier of the Tribe: Unmistakable Creative Prime.


All of our online courses

When you join  Unmistakable Creative Prime, you'll get free access to all of our existing courses:

Distraction Mastery
 The Fearless Writer's Masterclass
 Unmistakable Second Brain (see below)
Monthly Boosts on different topics

You'll also get access to all of our new courses. As a Prime member, you will also be able to give input and ideas for the next courses you'd like to see from us.

By moving to a membership model, we will spare you promos, funnels, and excessive emails. Instead, we'll be able to focus on what we do best: creating inspiring and actionable content that makes a difference in your life.


The Unmistakable second brain

"A recent podcast guest, Tara Swart said to Srini "Yours is the kind of brain that when we all upload our consciousness to the internet, I want a piece of yours."

Before that's an option, the Unmistakable Second Brain is your best bet. It is a library of systematized notes from podcast episodes, book notes, transcripts and mind maps. Each item contains everything you've heard on the podcast in written form and a lot more. It's Srini's secret weapon and he's opening it up to you.

By using this library, you will be able to remember ideas from the podcast, recall them, use them in your life, and apply them to your creative work. This will be our place for in-depth conversations about the podcast episodes so that we can all get the most out of the content we are listening to.


Live events and office hours 

As a part of this group, you'll also get access to two members-only live events a month:

  • A monthly coaching call/AMA with Srini or a former podcast guest.
  • A webinar workshop on our monthly theme or another theme of interest to the group

Each call or workshop will be recorded and available for you to go back to at your convenience. We already have a few in our library ready for you to enjoy:

  • The Art of Interviewing
  •  Designing Your Environments for Better Habits
  • Finding the Common Thread Between Your Multiple Interests
  • Measuring What Matters with Objectives and Key Results


Accountability and support 

Having the right information is only one piece of the equation; implementation and sustained action matter even more. Therefore, in this group, we do not intend to just give you a bunch of content and leave you hanging.

Instead, we will provide small actionable challenges, go through courses together as a group and provide you with the accountability you need. Accountability partners from the group can help you overcome creative challenges and get unstuck when you're experiencing creative blocks. They can listen to your ideas, provide valuable feedback, and in most cases, see what you don't. You don't have to do this alone, it's so much easier and more fun in the group.


The Creative INcubator

Our mission at The Unmistakable Creative is to help people find their own zone of 'unmistakable' genius and bring their ideas to life. We want to launch creative people and their projects in the same way startup incubators launch companies. And we see The Unmistakable Creative Prime as a creative incubator in which we will provide you with opportunities, prompts, and ideas to create, share your work, and stand out as a creator in a noisy world.

Whether it's writing your first book, launching your podcast, building a public wors art project or even building an app, Unmistakable Prime is designed to make your ideas happen. Between the members of our tribe and the network of guests on The Unmistakable Creative, the greater your ambition, the greater the possibilities.

Srini is the host and founder of the Unmistakble Creative. He helps people design systems to multiply their creative output. 

Milena is an engineer, researcher, and creator. She is obsessed with lists of 10 ideas on random topics. She is the community manager and instructional designer of The Unmistakable Creative Listeners Tribe.

bY joining this group you are supporting the UNmistakable Creative Podcast

In "Creative Calling", Chase Jarvis said that an important and often neglected part of the creative process is cheering and supporting others' work and building up the community.

If The Unmistakable Creative has been a resource you loved and relied on, if you benefited from ideas, inspiration, and a-ha moments featured on the podcast, the single best way to show your support is to invest in this community.

We want to live in the world where more people are paid for their creative work and it's up to us to create that model here. The content we create takes hundreds of hours and demands immense love and devotion. By joining this group, you will not only support for our efforts, you will also give a real-time vote for the world in which people pay for and value creative work.

Additionally, you will get an exclusive role of being an insider, who will give us invaluable input and inform the future of the show.

Become a Member of  Unmistakable Prime

Only $149 (about $12 a month) gets you a full year of access to an engaged group of like-minded creatives, with direct access to Srini and a ton of perks and benefits that are not available anywhere else. There’s no deadline, there’s no discount, there’s no rush. Just access to a great community of creatives.

We can tell you that $12 is the price of a couple of lattes or an average lunch in Chipotle, but that's not the point. The point is that we don't want your money, but your commitment. In fact, if you’re on the fence at all, please spend your money on something else. We're committed to maintaining a high standard for the members in our community. We want all members to both benefit and contribute. If this offer is right for you, you will know it and join us by clicking the link below.

Pay Monthly

Full Access to Unmistakable Prime




  • All Online Courses
  • The Second Brain
  • Live Events /Office Hours
  • Accountability/Support

 Current Tribe Members

NON-Tribe Members

Pay Upfront

Full Access to Unmistakable Prime



  • All Online Courses
  • The Second Brain
  • Live Events /Office Hours
  • Accountability/Support

 Current Tribe Members

NON-Tribe Members

Note:  The Apple Store charges us a 30% fee for anyone who buys via mobile. Thus, the price is $15.99 for an monthly subscribption and $144.99 for an annual one.  Even if you purchase from your desktop, you'll still be able to access Prime from your phone. 

Please note both options are non-refundable. Both options give the exact same access to everything that the Unmistakable Prime offers. We're putting a ton of time and energy into the content. Purchased ala carte, it would cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Help US change Education ONe CReative Project a Time 

If you've been a long-time listener, you know that changing the education system has been a personal passion of mine.  Teachers play one of the most underrated roles in our society.

For the misfits, instigators, rebels and creative souls, the system often chews us up and spits us out.  That's why we'll make a donation to a creative project on Donor'sChoose for every person who purchases an annual option and we'll share the project with you in Unmistakable Prime.  Together we can fund over 1000 creative projects in our school system.