Polarization and Resonance

At least once a month, I get an email from a pissed off reader or listener. They unsubscribe from the podcast or our newsletter. My work has been called everything from "devaluing women" to "hateful leftist propaganda. But those emails are always followed a day later by someone who tells me how much they've benefited from my work.

Polarization leads to resonance. But it also means a willingness to be ridiculed, criticized and misunderstood. Mark Manson's web site says on his home page "Some people think I'm an idiot.

Your work is not for everybody. The pursuit of everybody is a path to reaching nobody. 1000 true fans or a small army of fanatics will do more for you than a million lukewarm followers.

As Justine musk says "if you have a bold and compelling point of view, you'll piss some people off." It's also how you'll create true fans.

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