Writing a Comedic Translation of the Bible With Mark Russell

Some people come up with creative projects that truly challenge the status quo. In attempt to come to terms with this religious upbringing, Mark teamed up with cartoonist Shannon Wheeler to write a comedic translation of The Bible. 

  • The difference between working artists and earning artists
  • Why making a living from your art isn’t always glamorous
  • A look at a 10 year project that was hardly read by anybody
  • Why you only ever hear about the winners 
  • Leveraging your art as a connection to the universe 
  • How jokes infused their way is into Mark’s soul
  • Why Mark sees joke telling as storytelling 
  • A look at the creation process for God is Disappointed in You
  • The reason you need to write from a place of interest
  • A look at how to incorporate humor into the art you create
  • Collaborating with a cartoonists  in the process of book writing
  • The reaction from the religious community 

Mark is the author of God is Dissapointed in You, a translation  for people who would like to read the Bible… if it would just cut to the chase.

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