Why Talent is Overrated and Humans are Underrated with Geoff Colvin

In this episode of the podcast, Fortune senior editor  Geoff Colvin joins us to discuss what accounts for the difference between people who are mediocre and super achievers, and the skills that will be essential to our success in the future. 


  • Storytelling lessons from growing up in a small town
  • The critical elements to great performance in all areas
  •  A deep dive into deliberate practice
  • The distinction between performance and practice
  • Why great performance is available to all of us
  • The role that coaches and mentors play in our success
  • Reasons we resist the message that great performance is accessible to all of us
  • Why the nature of work is not designed to create super achievers
  • Discovering things that truly engage us
  • How viewing college from a purely economic perspective is hurting the experience
  • The most important skill we’ll need to succeed in the future


Talent is Overrated

Humans are Underrated

Geoff Colvin, is Fortune’s senior editor-at-large and has written hundred of articles for the magazine including its popular column Value Driven. He lectures widely and is the regular lead moderator for the Fortune Global Forum.

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