What Improv Can Teach Us About Creation, Collaboration, and Communication with Tom Yorton

In this episode of the podcast, Tom Yorton, CEO of SecondCity Works, Chicago’s world renown improv theater whose alumni include Steven Colbert, Tina Fey and many other high profile comedians talks about what the world of improv can teach us about creation, communication and collaboration.

  • Finding different ways to connect with an audience

  • The role that music played in Tom’s career

  • Redeveloping curiosity and tolerance for risk

  • Why the resume building approach to education hurts kids

  • Developing adaptive skills and becoming an agile learner

  • Finding the through line of your career

  • Using humor as a way to get to the truth 

  • Applying the improviser’s tool kit to your work

  • Key concepts from improv that allow you to communicate, create and collaborate more effectively 


Life is a series of happy accidents if you want to look it that way.


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As CEO of Second City Communications, Tom Yorton is creating a positive, disruptive force that changes how people communicate, collaborate and learn in the business world. His work is guided by a fundamental assumption: Business is an act of improvisation. Through comedy, his organization brings sorely needed humanity and authenticity to work environments by challenging unproductive conventions in marketing, learning, business development, and internal communications.

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