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Ben Tseitlin,  founder of Benchic chocolates joins us to discuss how he leverages curiosity to design experiences and make chocolate. 


  • The power of not having domain expertise
  • Why breaking things helps you understand them
  • Letting go of expectations to create results
  • The importance and power of focus 
  • Making deliberate choices about running a business 
  • Why empathy is the most critical aspect of design 
  • Combining your background and experience to create your message 
  • Unlearning what we know to develop a beginners mind 



The desire for mastery is one of those things that can’t be forced on anyone. 

Childlike curiosity and exploration are the oxygen of mastery. 

The information that you consume and the people around you shape who you really are


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 Ben Tseitlin is the founder of Benchic Chocolate and is driven to make something extraordinary from nothing. 

Originally aired over 1 year ago.

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