Unmistakable Classic: The Power of a Single Intention with Patti Digh

In this Unmistakable Classic, we revisit a thought provoking conversation with Patti Digh, author of Life is a Verb. 

  • The importance of feeling good about the work you’re doing
  • Asking yourself what you’d do if you have 37 days to live
  • The keys to writing your voice with a sole intention
  • How art history and English degrees shaped Patti’s world view
  • The 3 blocks that keep dreams from coming true
  • A look at what it means to be truly transparent
  • How we deal with incredibly negative thoughts
  • How intention shapes the nature of what you create
  • Presence and the role that it plays in our lives 
  • Why you don’t want to be invested in an outcome
  • Why you need organizing principles for a bigger body of work

Patti Digh, the creator and author of the award-winning blog 37days.com, is the author of the best-selling Life is a Verb (Skirt!), a Books for a Better Life nominee. An internationally recognized speaker who has worked in over 60 countries, Patti ’s comments have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The London Financial Times, and The New York Times, among other international press. Smart, funny, and insightful, her Web site is pattidigh.com. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

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