Unmistakable Classic: How to Become a BulletProof Performer with Noa Kageyama

In this unmistakable classic we revisit our interview with Julliard faculty member, violinist and performance psychologist, Noa Kageyama.  We discuss how to apply principles of peak performance psychology from the world of music to every area of your life.     

  • A Look into the Influences of Suzuki Violin in Noa's Life
  • Why You Can Only See Dots Connecting in Hindsight
  • The Reality of What It Takes to Get Good at Something
  • Why So Many Small Ideas Are the Foundation for Big Things
  • The Role That Intense Curiosity Plays in Your Success
  • Why There's an Element of Performance in Everything You Do
  • The Role That Learning and Practice Plays in Peak Performance
  • Why You Can't Learn Effectively without Taking Action 
  • Making Small Adjustments and Tweaks to Get Closer to Your Goal
  • How the Curse of Instant Results Holds You Back 
  • Why You have to Be OK with Being on the Journey
  • Making a Mindset Shift to Doing Things for Intrinsic Value
  • An Eye-Opening Look at the Master's Path
  • Why There Is No Final Destination
  • Looking at the Times in Your Past When You Were Really Engaged
  • Why You Must Learn to Simplify Very Difficult Concepts
  • Identifying and Developing the Key Mental Skills for Peak Performance
  • Using the Past to Act Courageously in the Moment
  • How Pushing Your Comfort Zone Will Cause You to Exceed Your Expectations
  • Cultivating a Framework for Accelerating Your Progress
  • Leveraging the Influences of Others to Create Your Artistic DNA

Dr. Noa Kageyama is a performance psychologist, Juilliard graduate, and is on the faculty of both Juilliard and the New World Symphony. He teaches musicians how to do their best under pressure. He is a wee bit obsessed with computers, technology, and the internet (and all things Apple). If you liked this article, would you share it with your friends? Just click hereto post it to Twitter.

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