Unmistakable Classic: How to Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

In this unmistakable classic we revisit our interview with Georgetown professor and author  Cal Newport who talks to us about how to be so good they can't ignore you. 

  • How Cal Has Blended a Traditional and Untraditional Path 
  • A Look at the Early Creation Process of Cal's Study Guides
  • Lessons from the MIT Theory of Computation Group
  • The Importance of Focus and Resisting Distractions
  • What it Takes to Develop Career Capital (Rare and Valuable Skills)
  • How Skills Give You More Leverage Than a Set Career Path
  • The Arbitrary Advice of Following Your Passion – And Why It's Flawed
  • Why You have to Become Really Good at Something to Love Your Work
  • Traits That Lead People to Absolutely Love What They Do
  • Making the Transition Match Theory to Capital Theory
  • The Philosophy of Deep Work and Becoming a Master of Your Craft
  • Why Cal Newport has No Social Media Accounts
  • The Importance of Developing Taste in Your Work 
  • Looking at the Mission Behind Somebody's Work
  • The Framework of Little Bets to Make Progress with Your Ideas
  • Why Publishers are Like Investors When it Comes to Your Book Deal
  • Finding the Threads that Persist in Your Body of Work

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