The Universal Language of Music with David Johnson

For this episode, we are joined by David Johnson, a renowned music producer and writer who has grown up around the likes of Miles Davis and Buddy Rich, and performed alongside artists such as Bruce Springsteen. Needless to say, David has experienced his fair share of the music industry. You’ll find out what its like to be 18 and touring the world, building honest friendships, or even losing your home and music studio to 25 inches of water, twice! Our discussion is that of a wholesome journey with honest, good-hearted lessons learned a long the way. Moreover, David gives an inspiring lesson on the universal language of music.

David Johnson is currently working on a documentary called Patch.CV that focuses on the growing movement of modular synthesis which you can find on

You can reach David on

David also has a Record Label and Film/TV sync music company called Gearkids Creative as well as a label called Organic Vinyl


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